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Announcement: Cindy Wu, AEMP will be moving out of state and leaving Rejuve Acupuncure! Her last day at Rejuve will be on March 22nd. The new owner, Alexander Kim, AEMP, will take over the practice, and is currently taking new patients. Please stop by to say goodbye to Cindy, and to meet the new practitioner, Alex!


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Client Testimonial

Treatments Recieved:  Acupuncture

After years of pain with only occasional relief, I found Rejuve Acupuncture.

I was suffering from sciatic pain in both legs caused by bone spurs in my lower back, constant head and neck pain from arthritic bone spurs in my neck, arthritis in my knees, and bursitis in my shoulders.  After only a few acupuncture sessions with Cindy, I began to walk without pain for the first time in three years.

After only eight acupuncture treatments with Cindy, I was able to return to gardening, exercising, enjoying life - a world of difference from the constant pain that made me unhappy and crabby!  Cindy's treatments, derived from her knowledge and empathetic listening, are to be credited for my transformation; I recommend Rejuve highly.
B.S. from Federal Way

Treatments Recieved: Acupuncture, Nutritional Response Testing, Herbs & Supplements

Since I've been doing acupuncture regularly with Cindy Wu, I have experienced extreme relief with my upper back and neck pain.  It was so chronic, at one point, I couldn't even look into my rear-view mirror when driving.  After several acupuncture sessions, my range of motion was greatly restored.  I could even do yard work again.  In an effort to achieve the best level of health and well being, I wanted to expand my treatments to include Nutritional Response Testing.  Without going into too much detail, I will tell you that Cindy quickly identified areas where my body was deficient and as soon as I started taking those particular whole food supplements, I felt 100% better.

I am such a believer that I took my 14-year old daughter to see Cindy (similar upper back/neck issues).  She was frightened by the thought of needles, but ended up enjoying her acupuncture sessions and getting some great relief.  Due to my daughter's hectic schedule, she had to go several months without seeing Cindy.  when we finally got her back in, after the first three needles were placed in her back, she said, "Cindy, you don't know how much I've missed this".

It really works!
L.L. from Black Diamond

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Treatments Received:  Facial Renewal, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine

Initially, I was attracted to the holistic approach Cindy offered.  While I was interested in looking better, I was even more interested in looking and feeling better from the inside out.

Cindy immediately identified my kidneys as being weak.  She knew this just by looking at my face, even before she began investigating more deeply.

One of the things I like most about Cindy is that she didn't promise anything she couldn't deliver.

She promised that if I would do my part, the tone and texture of my skin in general and my face specifically would improve.  This happened as promised.  I didn't go from a sixty something face to a 20 something face and have no desire to do that.  But I am a more confident, healthier looking person than I was in late spring when I first visited her.  The treatments took at least 10 years off my face.

Most importantly the treatments, Chinese herbs and dietary changes focused on improving kidney function have made dramatic changes. 

I sleep better, have more energy and clearer mental focus.  In addition I lost 16 pounds during my initial two month intensive treatment.

I couldn't be happier.

Cindy devotes her spiritual self and her deep knowledge of healing to her patients.  Her gentleness during the facial massages was more relaxing and revitalizing than any spa treatment I have ever had.
N.H. from Renton

Treatments Received:  Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine

I had severe neck pain from injury received at work and can barely move my neck.  After some acupuncture treatments with Cindy, my neck is now almost like new.  I can actually turn it more and the muscle spasms have stopped. 

I am 100% satisfied with Cindy and how I was treated. 
M.P. from Auburn

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Treatments Received:  Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine

I initially came to see Cindy for sore muscles and pinched nerves, and with treatment, those improved immediately.  I continued to get acupuncture treatments for my asthma and digestive problems.  Now, I do not have to use inhalers as much and my digestion continues to improve.  I am very satisfied with Cindy and have already referred people to her. 
P.R. from Des Moines

Treatments Received: Facial Renewal, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine

Treatments received:  facial renewal, acupuncture, herbal medicine
I have had acne ever since middle school and it just got worse and worse throughout my adulthood.  My acne got very severe during my late twenties, so severe people think I had some kind of disease!  Throughout the years I've tried everything including some very expensive skincare products, been to many dermatologist, naturopaths, taken many rounds of antibiotics, and was even talked into getting a series of IPL (a lazer treatment), which not only did not work, the lazer burned and scarred my skin and the whole face became purple red and was very irritated and inflamed for a long time! 

It was not until I found Cindy and started treatment with her that my acne got better.  She helped me realize that I need to not only treat my skin from the outside, but from the inside out as well.  I started getting acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs very regularly, changed my diet, switched to the organic skincare she recommended, and also did the facial rejuvenation treatments.  I started noticing a difference during the first week of the facial rejuvenation treatments!  Although it took about 8 months of treatment for my cystic acne to completely heal and not come back, it was definitely worth the time after 30 years of suffering!  

I have been acne free now for the past year.  My energy is higher, I sleep better, my overall mood is better, and I just feel generally healthier.

Cindy is a great practitioner and she definitely cares very much for her patients.  I am very satisfied with the results that I've gotten and definitely recommends her to anyone who wants to get well.      
C.L. from Seattle

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Treatments Received:  Acupuncture

I'm a 40 year old UPS driver so aches and pains are kind of a normal daily issue.  In late February I started experiencing major middle back pain all the way into my ribs.  In a three week period I had 4 massages and 3 chiropractic adjustments and several days off of work.  Along with those treatments I was taking on average 4 aspirin per day and cyclobenzaprine at night to sleep and still was not finding any long term consistent relief.  So I decided to turn to alternative treatments.  In 1 appointment with Cindy Wu I was able to, for the first time in three weeks, sleep through the entire night.  I was also able to return to work and had more flexibility and range of motion than I experienced after all my other treatments.  By the end of a regular work day I felt tired, but had no muscle pain.  I feel so excited that acupuncture is a method of relief that works, and works very well.  you don't realize how much pain affects your daily life, limits you until you don't feel that pain anymore.  Thank you Cindy!

J.H. from Des Moines

Treatments Received:  Facial Renewal, Acupuncture

The conditions that first brought me to see Cindy are rosacea and broken capillaries on the cheeks.  After treatment, my skin is much less red, textures are much improved, and broken capillaries are much less noticeable.  I'm a happier person every time I look in the mirror!  Cindy is wonderful!  I'm very satisfied with her work.
S.L. from Des Moines

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Treatments Recieved:  Acupuncture

I came to seek care with Cindy at Rejuve Acupuncture due to my short luteal phase and want to become pregnant.  I got pregnant [after 3 months of acupuncture] and believe it had everything to do with Cindy!  She is fabulous!  I absolutely feel comfortable referring friends and family to her and I'm very satisfied with Cindy.

J.K. from Seattle

Treatments Received:  Acupuncture

I came to see Cindy because of my neck & shoulder pain and emotional stress due to change of career & a loss of a loved one in my life.  With acupuncture treatments, my neck & shoulder feels much better.  I feel less tense around those areas & feel more relaxed overall.  Cindy was very sweet and caring, and I would absolutely give her a 10+ rating for satisfaction! 
S.P. from Auburn

Client Testimonial